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Mobile Devices

Get people talking about your mobile devices with cutting edge Sharp components

Smartphone and tablet displays

Consumers and device manufacturers demand low power consumption for long battery life and high resolution from their mobile displays. Sharp LCDs deliver, with a broad range of models and resolutions including HD720, FHD, WQHD, and even 4k2k for brilliant and immersive mobile experiences.

This unparalleled performance comes from research and development, combined with the manufacturing facilities needed to bring new technologies to market. Take for instance Sharp’s revolutionary new approach to touch displays, in-cell touch technology. Now being produced in the Mie Plant No. 3 as LTPS (CG silicon) and IGZO panels, these new displays integrate touch circuitry and LCD drivers into the LCD module itself. Without a separate touch layer required, displays – and devices – can now become even thinner.

Set the next mobile trend — with displays from 4.7” (phones) to 15.6” (tablets) from Sharp Devices Europe.

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Displays for wearables

Sharp is an industry leader in the development and manufacture of wearable device displays. Memory in Pixel (MiP) LCDs in particular are ideal for ultra-low-power applications. Combined with exceptional outdoor readability, this technology is a game-changer for wearable device makers.

Ranging in size from 0.96" to 4.4", MiP displays integrate into any application easily. Available in both round and rectangular shapes, they use a straightforward serial interface. With a wide operating temperature range, MiP displays are also suitable for applications in extreme environments.

The smartwatch market is still in its early stages. Vivid colours, high resolutions, and round active areas are however already finding their way into devices that run Sharp technologies. 

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Future mobile technologies

Sharp technology will enhance both the user experience and mobile device design. Like Sharp’s Free Form Display (FFD). In the future, the rectangle is no longer compulsory. Device makers will create devices in any shape they please — with Sharp. 

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Mobile imaging technologies and components

Sharp is the world’s largest integrator of mobile camera modules. And the world’s top handset makers choose Sharp for camera modules based on advanced CMOS technology. High production volumes translate to excellent value for device makers.
Sharp Devices Europe supplies a range of state-of-the-art camera technologies and components including

  • Auto-focus (AF) units
  • Optical image stabilization (OIS)
  • High resolution, high speed CMOS image sensors
  • Low height, wide-aperture lenses
  • Compact mechanics and ceramic cavity substrates
  • Active alignment assemblies

If you have set a course for enhanced mobile image quality and value, get there faster by sourcing from Sharp.  

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Sensing components

The demands of individual applications often vary greatly. To choose the right sensor, parameters such as digital vs. analogue output, minimum detection distance, maximum range, and not least of all cost and size must be considered.

That’s why so many devices rely on Sharp distance measuring sensors — it’s difficult to find a better selection of high-precision components. For compact proximity, ambient light, gesture, and UV sensors, engineers and product developers choose Sharp. Combined with low power consumption and innovative features such as pulse monitoring, Sharp delivers sensing components that add value to mobile devices. 

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