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Medical Applications

Add the human touch to your medical devices — enhance effectiveness with brilliant Sharp touch displays

LCDs for medical diagnosis and patient monitoring

Doctors must be able to see the faintest traces of illness in medical images presented on digital displays. This places extremely high demands on the quality of the LCD panel. Brilliant Sharp LCDs deliver the ultra-high resolutions, contrast, and precision this demanding application requires. Such as our 60" QHD MVA and 31.5" QHD NM2 (in plane switching) panels for medical diagnosis. Or the mid-sized LCD 20.1” monochrome, which ensures outstanding detail resolution for radiology applications.

Sharp also offers a range of LCD panels for patient monitoring and digital signage in the medical context. Sharp’s high-pixel-density LCDs are also ideal for next-gen mobile medical devices and PDAs. For reliability, long product life cycles, and low power consumption, medical displays with Sharp LCDs set new benchmarks. 

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