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Sharp Develops Free-Form Displays

Sharp Develops Free-Form Displays

Enables vastly greater design freedom for displays

Technologies for Automotive Applications


Technologies for ...

A broader range of devices - for your benefit.

Sharp Devices Europe GmbH, a limited company based in Munich, Germany, is a subsidiary of Sharp Corporation in Osaka, Japan. Worldwide, Sharp develops digital core technologies for next-generation electronic products and applications. SDE's broad portfolio includes more than 2,000 components: up to 90" TFT LCDs, opto-electronic devices, CCD and CMOS camera sensors, power devices and LSI components, and market-leading housing and integration technologies. This broad portfolio makes innovative solutions possible, in particular for applications in automotive electronics, mobile telephony and communications technology, industrial automation, consumer electronics as well as e-signage technology. Innovation, quality and the sustainable use of natural resources are the focal points of Sharp's technology and product development work with the aim of improving the quality of all our lives and protecting the environment through one-of-a-kind technologies.

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