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Optoelectronic Components

Sharp provides a wide range of trusted optoelectronic components to its industrial partners.

Optoelectronic Components

Optoelectronic Components

Sharp delivers a broad selection of isolation devices, sensors, laser diodes and IR components that device makers trust to deliver reliable performance.

Our range of isolation devices includes photodiodes, phototransistors, photocouplers, photointerrupters, phototriacs and solid state relays.

Sharp sensors for ambient and UV light, air, temperature, humidity, dust, PM2.5 particles, radiation, proximity, displacement, and distance measurement deliver accuracy across a wide range of applications.

A selection of laser diodes and IR emitters and receivers rounds out our range of optoelectronic components.

If you are interested in purchasing our optoelectronic devices, please get in direct touch with our distribution partners. You can find the contact data of our partners at