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Industrial Applications

Harness the power of a global leader in industrial electronics — with pioneering technologies from Sharp

LCDs from 0.96" to 23.1"

Creating excellent industrial devices means more than simply adding a rugged housing to a consumer LCD panel. Many industrial displays must run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. An LCD that consumes so little power that it requires no ventilation allows for devices that are better equipped to deal with dusty environments, and more durable over the long term. Efficiency and reliability — it's what the industrial world has come to expect from Sharp LCDs for automation, tractor and crane control, ship navigation, and air traffic control.

Sharp Devices Europe offers a full range of VA (vertical alignment) industrial LCDs with excellent viewing angles. TN technology is also used in selected LCDs to deliver exceptional value. Integrated touch functionality and cover glass are also available for selected LCD panels. Memory in Pixel technology provides ultra-low power consumption and excellent daylight viewing performance in sizes up to 4.4”.

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IR opto sensors and laser diodes

The advanced functionality and compact dimensions available from Sharp’s full line of opto sensors and laser diodes represents an exceptional value for manufacturers of industrial equipment and devices. Sharp has over 30 years of experience in IR-based interrupter, distance, and dust sensors and also supplies red and infrared (IR) lasers in standard TO and COS packages as well as bare die lasers.

Sharp distance measuring sensors have progressed rapidly from a single sensor to units that include three sensors in one small package for high precision, sensitivity, and accuracy. Ideal for demanding industrial applications involving reflective surfaces, Sharp distance measuring sensors utilize triangulation to provide accurate distances regardless of the target’s surface or colour.

Commercial environments can be harsh, and that’s why we’ve designed our sensors and lasers to be durable. Sharp opto sensors and laser diodes deliver outstanding accuracy, reliability, and value for industrial applications. 

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Image sensors for industrial applications

Security and quality control applications place high demands on digital imaging sensors. Sharp has developed a full range of both high-performance CCD sensors and low-cost CMOS sensors that are tailored to the unique requirements of industrial applications. Sharp sensors deliver outstanding resolution, clarity, frame rates, and sensitivity.

The innovative iSHartina line includes CCD sensors specially optimized for near-infrared imaging as well as CMOS sensors with expanded dynamic range and low-light sensitivity. Take the path to excellent image quality — day or night — with Sharp image sensors for security and industrial applications.

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