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Home Automation

 Transform home automation with the Internet of Things (IoT) — built on quality components from Sharp

Smart sensors for environmental sensing

The constraints of developing home automation products can be contradictory. Consumers demand more features, but compact device dimensions as well. And that’s where Sharp comes in. Some of the most precise environmental sensors available on the market come from Sharp. Yet they’re also extremely compact. Several models incorporate multiple sensors into a single assembly to provide even more space savings. And like all Sharp components, our sensors are reliable, energy efficient and represent an exceptional value. Choose precision Sharp sensors that will take you the distance. 

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Memory in Pixel LCDs for electric vehicles and wearables

Stand up in the middle of your favourite television broadcast to adjust the thermostat? A thing of the past with a smartphone or smartwatch that’s connected to your home through the internet of things.

But a smartwatch is only useful as long as its battery can last, and the display accounts for a large portion of a watch’s energy consumption. When you start from a Sharp Memory in Pixel (MiP) display, power requirements plummet. Memory in Pixel displays consume only a fraction of the energy that conventional LCDs do. We achieved this astounding feat by integrating one bit of memory into each and every pixel of the display, allowing static images to remain visible without frequent refreshing.

MiP displays are also ideal for home automation, for instance in thermostats powered by a battery or energy harvester. Connected electric vehicles (EVs) such as bicycles and cars also benefit from the low power consumption and indoor/outdoor readability of Memory in Pixel displays. 

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TFT LCDs for white goods

Household appliances will soon be connected to the Internet of Things. Washing machines will know at what time of day it is most economical to operate — at night when the price of electricity is lowest, or when production from rooftop solar is at its peak, for instance.

This additional complexity requires new human machine interfaces and suitable displays. Sharp’s TFT LCDs offer high durability over extended operating hours in addition to optional touch functionality. Shape the future of appliances with fully customized or semi-customized Sharp displays. 

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