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Environmental Information

Green Devices and REACh Regulation

Developing Green Devices

Sharp calls its environmentally conscious devices Green Devices (GD). To define guidelines for development and design based on seven concepts, Sharp established the GD Guidelines, which it began applying at all device design departments in fiscal 2004.

In developing devices, Sharp sets specific objectives according to the GD Standard Sheet, which is formulated based on the GD Guidelines; and in the trial manufacture and mass production stages, it determines how well the actual device has met these objectives, with those achieving the standards being named GD.

In fiscal 2013, Sharp revamped the GD assessment system by adding new criteria concerning the implementation of forward-looking initiatives that take customer and business partner demands into consideration. The degree to which these criteria are satisfied is represented in points called GD Challenge Points. With the new grading system having come into effect from April 2014, Sharp is encouraging voluntary efforts by its development and design departments with the aim of creating devices with an even higher level of environmental performance.

Energy Efficiency

Devices with superior energy efficiency ant that consume less energy
Reduce power consumption during operation and in standby mode; other measures

Resource Conservation

Devices designed to conserve resources
Reduce device weight or volume; other measures


Devices designed for recycling
Use standart plastic; design devices that are easy to disassemble; other measures

Safe Use ans Disposal

Devices that can be used and disposed of safely
Manage usage of chemical substances contained in parts and materials; other measures

Long Life

Devices that make products last longer
Extend the life of the product with exchangeable parts and consumables (target: LCD devices); other measures


Devices that use packaging with enhanced environmental consciousness
Reduce packaging; other measures 

Information Disclosure

Devices that give environmental information
Provide information on chemical substances in devices; other measures


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