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Tailored White - Mega Zenigata

Infrared LED-GL100MN0MP

Infrared LED-GL480E00000F

IrDA Device-GP2W1320YP0F

Optical Data Communication Transceiver






Voltage Regulator-PQ033DZ01ZPH

DVB-S RF Only Tuner

DVB-T Tuner

Quattro universal LNB

Distance Measuring Sensor

Dust Sensor

Gesture Sensor

Solid State Relay

Industrial Displays 4by3

Industrial LQ104V1DG81

Industrial LQ150X1LX95

Industrial LQ190E1LX75

Industrial LS037V7DW06

Industrial Wide Displays

Industrial Wide LQ060B3DW01

Industrial Wide LQ121K1LG52

Industrial Wide LQ156T3LW02

Industrial Wide LQ190N1LW01

Industrial Wide LQ315D1JG93

Memory In Pixel Displays

Memory in Pixel LS012B7DD01

Memory in Pixel LS012B7DH02

Memory in Pixel LS013B7DH05

Memory in Pixel LS027B7DH01

Fixed White - Giga Zenigata

Fixed White - Intermo Slim

Fixed White - Intermo Standard

Fixed White - Mega Zenigata

Fixed White - Mini Zenigata

Fixed White - Petit Zenigata

Tuneable White - Mega Zenigata

Tuneable White - Mini Zenigata

Tuneable White - Tiger Zenigata