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Take the lead with Sharp’s extensive range of high-value, precision electronic components


Sharp is a leading manufacturer of liquid crystal displays with years of experience in the supply of reliable, high quality displays spanning multiple market applications.

Technologies that keep Sharp at the cutting edge of the industry include:

  •  LC modes giving the highest optical performance 
  •  Advanced TFTs giving highest resolution 
  •  Integrated touch and pen input
  •  Low power memory-in-pixel (MiP) technology
  •  Freeform displays allowing true design freedom

We have a wide range of standard LCD displays for the following applications: consumer and mobile products, automotive, industrial automation, medical applications, home appliances, multimedia and e-signage.

For advanced products using indicator displays and for new wearable applications, check our range of low-power memory-in pixel MiP LCDs.   

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Optoelectronic Components

Sharp provides a wide range of trusted optoelectronic components to its industrial partners.

Sharp offers an extensive range of isolation devices: photodiodes, phototransistors, photocouplers, photointerrupters, phototriacs and solid state relays.

Our advanced sensors span functions of light sensing (ambient and UV light) sensing, environmental sensing (air, temperature, humidity, dust, PM2.5 particles and radiation) and physical sensing (proximity, displacement and distance measurement).

Laser diodes and IR emitters and receivers for remote control applications complete our line-up.

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Power Devices, Analogue ICs and Imaging Sensors

Sharp offers a multitude of power devices and analogue ICs as well as power supply, driver and controller ICs and imaging sensors (CCD and CMOS) for your electronics applications - all manufactured to Sharp's exacting quality standards. 

Advanced Sharp CCD and CMOS sensors capture images with great precision. Our product range also includes low-loss voltage regulators, DC-DC converters, and some key devices for powering, driving and controlling touch panels, image sensors, LEDs, LEDs for general lighting and for supporting WLAN applications.

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