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Digital Media & Signage

Make immersive digital media a two-way street with a touch of brilliance from Sharp

Videoconferencing solutions

With 4K by 2K screen resolutions available from Sharp now and breathtaking 8K x 4K on the way, videoconferencing has never been more immersive.

Produced in a Gen 10 factory using the largest LCD mother glass anywhere on the planet, our videoconferencing panels are based on state-of-the art technology that delivers the quality and sizes that videoconferencing demands. 

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Education solutions

Sharp components for educational solutions include large, high-resolution LCD panels. Sharp uses a proprietary touch controller to implement innovative touch functionality for educational displays. Sharp LCDs also use cutting-edge PCAP (projective capacitive) touch technology as well as air gap and direct bonding touch systems with pen input- and fine writing capabilities.

In addition to full HD resolutions that offer the perfect balance between performance and value, 4K x 2K solutions are also available for premium educational and corporate applications.

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Digital signage solutions

Digital media displays as rich and immersive as a high-end desktop panel, but the size of a traditional poster? There’s nothing stopping you when your displays run Sharp LCD panels.

Cut from the largest mother glass anywhere on the planet in Sharp’s unique Gen 10 manufacturing facility in Japan, our LCD modules let you engage prospects in public places like never before. Immersive 4K x 2K resolutions ensure impact. Add projective capacitive touch (PCAP), and you’ve got interaction — the holy grail of digital promotion.

Digital media and signage also demand rock-solid 24/7 reliability, high brightness and contrast, brilliant colours, high build quality, good sound, and tough yet attractive cases and cover glass. Sharp LCD panels for digital signage are built with robust state-of-the art technology durable enough for use in public spaces and reliable enough for 24-hour, 7-day-per week operation. 

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