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02.March 2016

Sharp Devices Europe joins The 5% Club

Sharp Devices Europe joins The 5% Club

02.Mar 2016

Sharp Devices Europe (SDE) has demonstrated its commitment to training the UK’s next generation of innovators by joining The 5% Club, an industry initiative focussed on promoting the recruitment of apprentices, graduates, and student interns. With three students now completing their Year in Industry at Sharp’s cutting edge European Design Centre (EDC) in Oxford, UK, SDE now meets the criterion for membership, with 5% of its UK employees comprising apprentices, sponsored students or graduates on formal programmes.

The aim of The 5% Club’s campaign is to bolster the UK’s supply of skilled labour and increase youth employment. These goals align perfectly with SDE’s business philosophy, which pledges to “…contribute to the culture, benefits, and welfare of people throughout the world” and go above and beyond the pursuit of commercial objectives.

Sharp's European Design Centre (EDC) in Oxford was created to provide application support for European customers and adapt the products of its global parent company to regional markets, granting Sharp customers faster turnarounds for application and product support from a design facility in their region. The EDC is part of Sharp Devices Europe GmbH and located within the Oxford Science Park. This location gives the students access to the very latest design and research facilities as they participate in both the technical and commercial side of SDE’s business. During their Year in Industry, the students are learning a great deal about numerous advanced technologies such as displays and electronic devices within individual design projects.

"It's a win-win for SDE and the students,” said Kasumi Buettner, HR Specialist and the coordinator for The 5% Club programme at SDE. "Of course training talented university students can benefit our future recruiting efforts, but we're also glad to give something back to our community. And we truly enjoy having these bright young people on board. We hope to see them go on to pursue successful careers in technology. If we're lucky, they may even come back to Sharp.”

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