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02.February 2015

Sharp Devices Europe brings bioelectronic technologies to Europe

Sharp Devices Europe brings bioelectronic technologies to Europe

02.Feb 2015

Sharp Devices Europe (SDE) is pleased to announce the launch of a line of Sharp bioelectronics devices that will be available on the European market in 2015.

Starting in 2015, Sharp Devices Europe (a subsidiary of the Sharp Corporation of Osaka, Japan) will market new and innovative bioelectronic technologies within Europe including biosensing devices and equipment used in biomedical diagnostics. To efficiently serve the European market and ensure growth, SDE has allocated new resources to this business segment.

The new bioelectronic technologies from Sharp will allow groundbreaking research projects, therapies, and production processes for companies working in a wide range of industries from biotechnology and medicine to the food and beverage industry. Sharp’s automated two-dimensional electrophoresis AUTO2D, for instance, performs rapid electrophoresis (TTL 100) to a high degree of accuracy to enable state-of-the art protein analyses. The award-winning Sharp BM-300C microbe sensor can detect airborne biomass including bacteria, spores, and fungi to visualize airborne contaminants for hygiene-sensitive areas and processes.

SDE looks forward to bringing the considerable expertise in sensors and electronics of Sharp to new European customers in the rapidly growing biotech arena.

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