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10.April 2014

Go beyond new horizons - New exclusive partnership will bring outdoor digital signage to the masses

Go beyond new horizons - New exclusive partnership will bring outdoor digital signage to the masses

10.Apr 2014

Sharp Devices Europe has today announced a ground-breaking partnership with Amscreen that will see their technologies combined to create the first truly affordable and scalable outdoor screen solution.

The exclusive agreement will enable the creation of the most technically advanced large screen digital display solution. Using Amscreen’s patented networking and content delivery systems and Sharp’s expertise in building reliable, cost-effective and state-of-the-art high brightness modules, these plug-and-play screens will make a fully connected and scalable network an affordable reality for both existing and potential outdoor players. 

The partnership, consisting of the unique expertise of Amscreen’s patented networking and the unique design and manufacturing capabilities of Sharp Devices Europe, will bring to the end customer extremely high benefits in terms of speed to market, flexibility and cost. The dedication of Amscreen in turning the paper-based market to LCD, dynamic content drive is in line with the Sharp Devices Europe strategy of turning the market and opening a new field for growth. This makes Amscreen a valuable partner for Sharp Devices Europe.

As David Woodward, Sharp Devices Europe President, said, "We're pleased to announce this exclusive partnership with Amscreen that has enabled us to deliver a great solution to the outdoor space. With the screens set to roll out later this year, we are certain that this technical partnership and our global sales and marketing collaboration will benefit customers in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world."

As Simon Sugar, Amscreen CEO, pointed out, "The launch of our digital six-sheet offering is a key milestone in the industry. Until now, no product has been designed specifically for the large-scale needs of existing and potential users of digital signage. We're pleased to have collaborated with Sharp to bring an outstanding product to market at an affordable price. We are still in the prototype stage, but initial feedback from customers in our target sectors has been fantastic and we look forward to rolling out the screens towards the end of the year."

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Notes to editors

Sharp Devices Europe (SDE)
Sharp Devices Europe GmbH, a limited company based in Munich, Germany, is a subsidiary of Sharp Corporation in Osaka, Japan. Worldwide, Sharp develops digital core technologies for next-generation electronic products and applications. SDE's broad portfolio includes more than 2,000 components: up to 90" TFT LCDs, 0.5W-100W LEDs, opto-electronics, CCD and CMOS camera sensors, RF and LSI components, and market-leading housing and integration technologies. This broad portfolio makes innovative solutions possible, in particular for applications in automotive electronics, mobile telephony and communications technology, industrial automation, TV and consumer electronics, e-signage and LED lighting technology.  Innovation, quality and the sustainable use of natural resources are the focal points of Sharp's technology and product development work with the aim of improving the quality of all our lives and protecting the environment through one-of-a-kind technologies. 

About Amscreen:

Amscreen Solutions division offers clients a simple and cost effective solution to deploying digital screens, allowing incremental revenue, increased sales and reduced costs. With over 6,500 digital screens worldwide, clients that benefit from Amscreen's unique plug and play solutions include Tesco, BP, Shell, Halifax and WH Smith.

Amscreen clients own and manage their own network of digital screens allowing them to display content to both their customers and employees. Amscreen offer a simple solution to clients allowing them to easily customise and manage their network of screens, generate additional revenue from monetising screen space as well as receiving unique audience analytics.

Measurability and flexibility are at the heart of the Amscreen business helping to deliver digital signage solutions that now more closely reflect a convergence of ‘Outdoor/Online’. This array of audience measurements and insights are obtained from location, demographic and footfall data by the hour and by individual sites. These insights are then leveraged to deliver an array of creative solutions through Amscreen unique content delivery systems allowing day-part targeting, site specific (GEO), audience specific, live feeds, reactive advertising as well as automated localised content and much more.

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