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01.October 2014

Easy-to-integrate LED modules New INTERMO extends Sharp's LED Portfolio

Easy-to-integrate LED modules New INTERMO extends Sharp's LED Portfolio

01.Oct 2014

Sharp Devices Europe has launched an important new portfolio of LED modules dubbed INTERMO. This latest addition to Sharp’s range of LED products includes two easy-to-integrate module packages.

Exhibition highlight
Sharp Devices Europe looks forward to introduce its new LED module family INTERMO at the International LED Professional Symposium + Expo from 30.9.-2-10.2014 in Bregenz, Austria. Sharp’s INTERMO products will be showcased in a full Eco-System at the booth of our solution partner SILICA. The new INTERMO LED spot modules are expected to attract a great deal of attention as one of the exhibition’s highlights.

Two module sizes
The latest additions to Sharp’s LED line-up come in two module sizes, standard and slim. 50 mm in diameter and 6 mm high, the Standard INTERMO is a Zhaga Book 3 form-factor module, which ensures compatibility with a large eco-system of third-party products. The somewhat smaller Slim module, which is 44 mm in diameter and 3.6 mm high, has a nicely compact form factor, which is ideal for luminaire designs where space is at a premium.

Market-leading performance
The two INTERMO modules are based on integrated Sharp Mega ZENIGATA LEDs and will include the latest high-efficiency technology. As a result, they will offer a market-leading performance in a range of luminous flux, colour temperature and colour rendering options:

Integrated thermal interface material
The fact that both INTERMO modules come with integrated thermal interface material (TIM) ensures that the luminaire manufacturer will find integration extremely easy. Only two screws are needed to secure the module to the heat sink and the integrated TIM simplifies thermal design. Other key features include solder-free electrical connectors and attachment systems for Carclo, Ledil, Ledlink and Khatod reflectors.

Better for business
The design of the new INTERMO modules enables luminaire manufacturers to reduce their inventory by replacing three components with a single LED module. Besides, the product risk is significantly reduced since the Sharp warranty covers more components and their integration. The modules are expected to be available in September.

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